Continuous research is one of the keys for the services offered by Èstro Lab. Each project sets off an intensive and deep research activity, aimed at selecting and then expanding a topic in all its facets and aesthetic, narrative and conceptual values. This effort then turns into a rich source of inspiration, ideas and solutions for technical design, in keeping with the values and characteristics of each brand.
Continuous research at Èstro Lab is complemented by travelling: professional trips and journeys in our leisure time, always with an eye for images and suggestions.
Imagination and curiosity which keep travelling also in our offices, through constant observation of trends on social media and on the Web.
Another important vehicle for information and research, to monitor technical innovations and market trends, is constant dialogue with suppliers and companies in the industry.
The best outcomes of this effort then become part of our historical archive, which includes systematically filed information and materials.
Careful organisation of all the inputs we receive is actually the pivotal point around which all our research activity revolves.
This is what we learned during our joint experience in a footwear company with specific reference to shoe prototyping: we then apply our sensitivity, enhanced by experience, in order to select the most relevant sources of inspiration for us.