Èstro Lab serves the purpose of offering overall consulting services for product planning, design and development with a high added value at all levels, thanks to the convergence – within a single firm – of technical and style competences. Providing both creative and technical advice allows us to interact with the different areas of a corporate structure, offering targeted support depending on the actual needs.
We are able to support our customers at different levels of design: from a basic inspirational moodboard, to the complete data sheet for a product, from hand sketching, to planning a whole collection for one season in the footwear industry.
All this is never ordinary: style studies, as well as top designers, provide ideas which are not always rational and feasible, or in line with the identity of a company or brand identity.
At Èstro Lab we speak the language of stylists, dealing with the design of footwear and fashion accessories ourselves, combining sensitivity and aesthetic taste, through a search for perfection and harmony in the processing of lines and colours.
We also have the necessary skill, in terms of technical planning, to optimise design, making it feasible and functional, supporting the company both in-house and outside.
In any case we always follow with the utmost attention, for streamlining purposes, each of the phases and processes entrusted to us.
This is our purpose: dealing with prototyping of footwear and attempting, through a stepwise and concrete approach to enhance our prototypes: this is the deepest and most concrete core of our actions.