Thanks to our consolidated experience with a company specialising in footwear manufacturing, we are able to follow all aspects of the process in terms of prototyping footwear and analysing prototypes, so that we can suggest the necessary changes (fault-finding) to make sure that the final result is as close as possible to the end product.
Proportions need to be right, the product should guarantee the right level of comfort.
The product also needs to be totally mindful of the brand’s identity: we analyse and interpret the stylist’s design with a view to correcting the maquette directly, so that each shape is consistent with the identity of the brand.
Our thorough understanding of technical planning in terms of style, design and model developments, combined with that of production processes, always allows us to interpret a drawing and immediately figure out if a proposal is feasible, in order to rationalise, optimise and speed up the process for prototyping and final development of the end product.