Èstro Lab is a Fashion Product Consulting studio, specialised in research on materials, style and trend research. Our studio also specialises in footwear and accessory design, as well as in shoe technical design. Combining a flair for style and creativity, with research on trends, Èstro Lab brings in the necessary technical and manufacturing skills for problem-solving, in terms of selecting materials and processes, also depending on costs and technical limitations, or for the organisation of manufacturing. These high added-value services make it possible to assist and reduce the workload of in-house departments of leading brands in fashion and design.


Erica Paolorossi

Fashion product consultant

In a team where competences are shared and continuously interchanged, Erica is first and foremost the designer, of shoes and more. Her talent has always been to easily express herself by drawing concepts, ideas and emotions, a talent which she has developed and enhanced through her studies of fashion design and industrial modelling in Milan. That is where her experience began in the clothing and accessory sector, as a designer, and in corporate product development, finally specialising in women’s footwear. Her greatest skill, working with Paola, consists in easily picking out what is beautiful and bringing out attractiveness in something which is not beautiful.
She is creative, inquisitive and an innovation enthusiast. She loves reading and travelling, trained as a ballet dancer and plays alto sax: art gives her sustenance.
Paola says about her: “I like the way she interprets our ideas through drawings; she has a keen sense of beauty, which – in terms of design – results is attention and care for decors and details; Erica really has an eye for the balance in volumes and proportions. She has an all-round training, as well as being able to provide highly performing aesthetic solutions, she also comes up with effective technical design concepts.”

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Paola Pierucci

Fashion product consultant

Paola’s greatest talent is intuition: she holds a compass leading to the discovery of everything which is different and less known. She is an enthusiast of anthropology applied to arts and travelling, she is fascinated by mash-ups and by artistic and cultural contaminations. She has a degree in education sciences and started as a primary school teacher, then moving on to the fashion sector, after getting a master’s degree in fashion marketing. That is how she started her work as style and product consultant in the footwear and accessory sector, with more than ten years’ experience in a shoe manufacturing company.
What she is best at, working with Erica, is to focus carefully on all details in terms of design, after having carefully planned and rationalised each project. Her intuition and cultural open-mindedness guide her choice of materials and accessories, always in search of new input to feed her creativity.
Erica says about her: “Paola is constantly forward-looking: she is able to capture details which nobody else would notice. She is a perfectionist in everything she does, which means she always finds the best everywhere, often getting a grip on complex projects by bringing in a perspective which is totally personal, never ordinary, and this for can prove really essential as an element on the job.”

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