interpreting and developing in detail the design process, in line with the identity of the brand

It often happens that clients ask Èstro Lab for customised projects in terms of processing. In this case we suggest processes in line with the mood which is guiding the progress in terms of design of a collection (clothing, accessories, footwear, costume jewellery).
We support the brand’s style departments, also those of top designers, with an in-depth focus on details, we develop exciting and creative ideas, in line with the topic at hand and the identity of the brand.
The request: the information which is provided by our clients can be varying and different. Sometimes we are asked to draw inspiration from the photos and images we are sent, which often prove to be actual moodboards, in other cases we are just given a topic underlying the creative process of the brand, other times we are simply asked to develop proposals related to processing techniques (sewn pearls, piercing, weaving, embroideries, prints, fringes, set stone decors and much more).
All requests we have received so far have been great as stimulus and inspiration for us, touching on a wide variety of subjects: faraway lands rich in history (the atmospheres and decors of Morocco, the symbols of ancient Egypt, fabric decorations in imperial China), the elements rich in charm from the most cosmopolitan cities (wall paintings in Antwerp, roofs in Paris), the geometries of modern architecture, the magic of contemporary art, the dense patterns of Swedish carpets, the delicate guipure lace and much more.

Our process: we always start from an in-depth search for images in order to stimulate our creativity; on the other hand we focus specifically on studying the topic which has been assigned to us, to identify from the outset the most distinctive and identifying elements from which we can draw inspiration.
Each topic should be studied by assessing its various facets.
To be as effective as possible, we often move away from the world of fashion, increasing our knowledge and adding to our archive some images and information taken from history, from literature, from art, from cinema or even from science: the idea behind this process is to grasp the most salient features in the topic we are developing, trying to understand what is most inspiring for our clients, in order to be as closely as possible in line with their request and offer a variety of alternative suggestions.
We then move on to the selection of processes and of materials which will help us interpret our creative ideas: the choice here is made taking into account both the elements we have collected during our research, and the fact that the flavour of each project will have to be mindful of the style identity of the brand we are working for, without upsetting its unique and distinctive image.

The result: following this concept, we then move on to choosing a colour palette with a specific range of effects, both for the surfaces which we will be using as support (fabrics, hides), and for the materials which will be used for processing (pearls, strass and studs which in many cases will be painted, and coating produced on purpose for the project at hand).
We keep monitoring the development of our drawings until we are able to produce a small sample book which we submit to the customer.