creative and detailed moods for a whole sample collection

This consulting project is a result of the partnership between Èstro Lab and a company which produces methacrylate and ABS accessories.
The client’s potential is really huge: it ranges from manufacturing components for costume jewellery, to ornaments for hair, from buttons for clothing to elements for leatherware (studs, buttons, fastenings, plastic straps and handles).
The request: the client asked us for suggestions and information to provide guidance in producing a new sample book for the summer. We offered style consulting, specifically through creative inputs and a focus on current trends based on market research.

Our process: the research part of the process proved fundamental; it involved us taking part in trade fairs and following online events with presentations of fashion trends, specifically for the costume jewellery e and accessory sector.
Moreover, through dedicated websites, we went on to collect inspirational imagery, by focusing in particular on all novelties in the world of interior design, from which we gathered new and strongly evocative elements, especially as regards shapes, textures, colours, effects and painting of surfaces.
The next step involved selecting three creative moods, each of them highly alternative one to the other, which could be explored in all their facets and would then guide us in the subsequent phases of the process.
Each of these three moods was then associated palette of colours, carefully selected, which we matched with images of outfits, photographs of travels, of furniture items, of accessories and of anything which would help recreate the atmospheres we’d chosen.

The result: after having rationalised the material collected, we provided detailed indications regarding colours, shapes, sizes and types of processing for the new components to be developed.
Apart from the novelties, we focused on the study of the rich company archive, suggesting a reprint of the material most in line with current trends, restyled adding new colours and new textures.
How did we achieve this? By suggesting harmonious and unusual combinations of the individual accessories manufactured.
Presenting to the client a collection designed by suggestions rather than by individual item, outlining the creative process underlying our work through skilful compositions of plastic elements, definitely had a greater impact, a source of more input and stronger inspiration for the viewer.